Imagine being on site and having real-time visual and audio contact with experts who can see what you see, diagnose issues and provide visual and audio feedback.

It’s not a dream for the future. It’s the reality at Sedgman.

The intelligent wearable technology is currently being tested at Sedgman, and is used to transmit visuals from site to office-based experts who can diagnose maintenance issues and provide immediate support.

The technology consists of a camera, noise-cancelling microphone and earplugs. It enables the wearer to share real-time footage, still images and audio between two locations via 3G/4G mobile or site Wi-Fi networks.

Video footage from site can be annotated in real-time and viewed in the headset screen of the user. In the example shown here, the footage taken on site was viewed in the Brisbane office where a broken thickener float chain was identified. A snapshot of the annotated video was captured and the image immediately viewable on site for remediation.

To watch a video of the intelligent wearable being trialed at Sedgman’s Sonoma site, click here.

Smart Plant Strategy

The use of intelligent wearables is just one of the elements supporting Sedgman’s SMART Plant strategy, which aims to digitally transform plants so that they can be remotely supported. Other initiatives include implementing new sensors to provide greater feedback on process and equipment operating conditions, and cloud-based platforms to analyse and visualise plant data on any web-enabled device.

Some of the technology that supports these initiatives is being developed in-house, and with support from EIC Activities and Thiess’ Data Science and ICT teams. This collaboration ensures that costs are minimised, new skills are developed, and the Group owns the knowledge.

A Dense Medium Cyclone (DMC) Internet of Things (IoT) condition monitoring system trial was recently completed over eight months at New Hope New Acland Coal Handling and Preparation Plant 2 (CHPP2). Real-time dashboards were established to track online Dense Medium Cyclone yield, estimated cut point, medium differential and offset.

The project is a first in coal. The next stage involves expanding the condition monitoring system to a whole plant application by installing more than 140 new sensors at Byerwen 2, not otherwise present in the similar Byerwen 1 plant. Collaborative projects in iron ore and metals are also underway.

Digital benefits

The advanced plant monitoring that is delivered through these digital initiatives has a wide range of benefits including maximised plant performance and runtime through process optimisation and predictive maintenance activities.

Other benefits include improved client engagement through transparent and real-time data, reduced site travel requirements for regional experts and enhanced effectiveness of the teams on the ground.

Want to know more?

Learn about the full range of SMART Plant initiatives, watch this short video:

Find out about Sedgman’s SMART Plant strategy. Contact Carolyn Hillard at or +1 236 455 3002 or Chris Nethercott at or 61 7 3514 1142.

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