Craig Morton, Thiess Chief Financial Officer and Phil Baker, Thiess General Manager, Mining show their support for Allies.

Thiess is driving its diversity and inclusion vision of everyone matters always with the launch of Allies, its first LGBTIQA+ Australian support network.

Allies aims to connect employees who identify as part of the LGBTIQA+ community and is open to anyone at Thiess who wishes to support their colleagues and learn more about the community.

Allies committee member James Cowin, Thiess Mining Engineer says the workplace network advocates and facilitates a culture of inclusion and respect, regardless of sex, sexuality, gender and expression.

“It’s important to the Allies that everyone feels safe and comfortable to be themselves,” said James.

At Thiess, we are working to create a workplace where respect, value and thoughtfulness towards each person helps everyone feel empowered and included at work.

James Cowin Thiess Mining Engineer

As part of Thiess' commitment to an inclusive workplace, Allies aims to create awareness through these four objectives:

  • Ensure LGBTIQA+ employees feel safe and supported
  • Foster an inclusive culture where everyone including non-LGBTIQA+ employees can be involved to show their support and learn more
  • Drive awareness through education, empowering our employees with the knowledge and confidence to challenge bias, speak up against stereotypes and reject intolerance
  • Demonstrate Thiess as an inclusive workplace by showing our support for key initiatives within the LGBTIQA+ community.

Launching Allies

Thiess celebrated the launch of Allies across its Australian projects, offices and workshops, sharing an engaging video that highlighted some of its employees’ personal journeys and encouraged supporters to become an ally.

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