Meet just some of our people who have recently stepped up into new roles with plenty of new challenges and opportunities.

Pulse spoke to Chris Torning, Sedgman Manager Operations and Hamish Hurley, Pacific Partnerships Senior Project Engineer. They joined the Group a decade apart and share the experience of building careers by working across multiple projects and sites.

We also spoke to team members across the Group, discovering what they find most rewarding about their role and career.

As a company we are driven to do more…deliver more…develop more. And we achieve it by backing our people and promoting from within.

Long term career pathways 

January 2017, Chris Torning in China visiting suppliers of process pumps for the Middlemount Operations Float Scavenge Project.

Rich site experiences - Chris Torning, Sedgman Manager Operations 

“I started out with Sedgman as an undergraduate back in 2008, and gained essential skills and experience within the Operations team. After graduating as a Mechanical Engineer with the Operations Maintenance and Reliability group, I worked across various sites and knew I wanted to try my hand at a site leadership role.

“An opportunity arose in New South Wales at the newly constructed Narrabri CHPP where I assisted in a maintenance function during the transition from commissioning to full operations. Reflecting back, that was when I realised the sense of satisfaction that comes from working in a challenging environment or being challenged on a personal level.

“Following Narrabri, I was seconded into positions as Superintendent then Plant Manager gaining valuable experience across both coal and metal operations, before returning to the Brisbane office to work within the Maintenance and Reliability group and the Operations consulting teams.

“I was then presented with an opportunity to support the operational team at Byerwen in Queensland, transitioning the plant from projects over to operations.

“In 2019, I commenced my current position, Manager Operations at Curragh in New South Wales and Middlemount in Queensland.”

What’s most rewarding about my role is the opportunity to directly influence operational, commercial and safety outcomes while developing strong working relationships both within and external to the Sedgman business.

Chris Torning Sedgman Manager Operations

Hamish visiting CPB Contractors’ Caufield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal project in Melbourne Victoria 2018.

Dynamic team environments – Hamish Hurley, Pacific Partnerships Senior Project Engineer

“In 2017, I joined Pacific Partnerships’ Development team in Melbourne as a Project Engineer with a background in Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects and an MBA from the University of Melbourne.

“In my Pacific Partnerships role I’ve contributed to strategy development and the delivery of bids for several major transport and social infrastructure PPP opportunities in Victoria, New South Wales and New Zealand. This has allowed me the opportunity to build strong relationships with people at CPB Contractors, UGL and Ventia.

"I think the experience of working on both successful and unsuccessful bids, over my career, has driven me to continually push myself to develop further and challenge norms in the teams I work in. I aim to ensure that we’re exploring all opportunities to deliver the best products for our clients and the end users of our assets.

"A highlight of my work is always the final few days in any PPP tender where entire teams (from junior staff through to senior leadership) roll up their sleeves to achieve what can seem like the impossible in tight timeframes as we countdown to the submission deadline.”

Working with highly skilled and driven individuals from other Operating Companies and international Group related companies (HOCHTIEF and ACS Group) is an opportunity that is second to none when working within CIMIC Group.

Hamish Hurley Pacific Partnerships Senior Project Engineer

What's most rewarding about my role is...

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