Mark Langston, Sedgman HSE Manager and US local presents Michael Thorpe, Sedgman Project Manager and Jordan Tomasel, Sedgman General Manager Projects with a cake for Australia Day, further strengthening the ties between our Australian and US workers.

At Sedgman's Pumpkin Hollow site in Nevada, United States of America a team of Australians and Americans have united on a copper concentrator project for Nevada Copper.

When establishing the project, one of the initial critical tasks was to bridge the divide between Sedgman’s HSE standards and that of the local United States (US) labour market.

Both the Sedgman team and the US contractors needed to understand each other’s safety requirements, and how all expectations and standards could be met.

Michael Thorpe, Sedgman Project Manager and Darryl Schultz, Sedgman Construction Manager aimed to overcome this challenge by communicating the Sedgman Safety Essentials, in particular the Critical Controls, as well as the One HSE Culture Framework. A specific pre-start document was developed for the project that required supervisors from each work crew to select one of the Sedgman Safety Essentials and discuss the Critical Controls that needed to be applied in the field for the activities to occur safely.

To reinforce alignment of expectations, Mark Langston, Sedgman HSE Manager, conducted short interviews with both Sedgman team members and the US contractors asking them to describe a ‘Safety champion’ and how individuals can embody this on site.

Mark Langston, Sedgman HSE Manager describes how the integration was successful because of the strong relationships between the Sedgman team members and the US contractors.

“We worked hard to promote a one-team concept, and emphasised how everyone on the job was equally important, regardless of their position. We made sure that we were living the Safety Essentials and exemplifying to the team how things should be done.”

The Sedgman team noted how both teams gained a thorough understanding of each other’s safety systems over the course of the project.

This will help all of us with our HSE performance and makes us a good partner for future projects.

Mark LangstonSedgman HSE Manager

“Leadership was a critical part of the success of this project. Leading by example, providing the right resources and providing an enjoyable but challenging work environment, where hard work was appreciated, was key to getting the job done safely.

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