EIC Activities’ focus on innovation and collaboration with Nexplore is helping our Group companies to stay at the forefront of our industries.

The team spoke to Pulse about a range of innovations that are evolving the way we operate.

Augmented reality on projects

Augmented reality (AR) is an experience where computer generated information and imagery is overlaid on the real world environment to appear as though it exists in the same space.

This allows project teams to view 3D Building Information Model (BIM) designs on their sites through a smartphone or tablet at any time point during construction.

EIC Activities Digital Engineering team, in collaboration with Nexplore, is developing an AR mobile application which will keep the images anchored in the real world position as users move around the site.

AR is being tested on several sites across the Group to review, analyse and demonstrate the value of its use in practical applications.

At CPB Contractors’ Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre project, EIC Activities is working with the project team to use AR to visualise the federated BIM model on the construction site.

Jovan HarrodEIC Activities Design Technical Engineer – Construction

“A federated BIM model encompasses all elements of the design, such as fire systems and electrical.

“This is allowing us to view on a tablet the digital model overlayed on the construction site and gain a clear understanding of the spatial aspects of the design.”

Within Asta Powerproject BIM the 3D model can be viewed at different stages of construction.

Visual project planning

EIC Activities is expanding the use of 4D planning on building and civil infrastructure projects to combine digital BIM designs with project planning.

The 4D planning software, Asta Powerproject BIM, allows construction planners to directly manipulate the 3D design models to reflect the desired construction sequence over time, shown through 4D simulations and traditional Gantt charts.

This approach makes planning easier, more accurate and provides assurance that the design and proposed construction methodology are fully compatible.

This is the first planning application that can centralise all project planning and engineering functions.

Nadia Gant EIC Activities Senior Planning Manager – Building

Whiteboard calendars are set up in site offices to visually map the master plan on a larger scale.

“It will also result in an improvement in execution teams understanding of, and accessibility to, the plan.”

To assist in using this software in construction, the master plan is exported monthly by site teams and visually mapped on large whiteboard calendars set up in their offices. Individual tasks are written on cards colour coded by which contractor oversees their completion.

At the end of each week, teams discuss how many tasks displayed on the board were completed. This gives the team a measurable performance record and further understanding of areas where their processes and approach could be improved. 

“This approach creates a unique team culture and promotes discussion around the detailed aspects of the project plan,” said Nadia.

“The value is not the cards themselves, but the commitments the cards represent. We’ve seen great benefit in people taking ownership in these sessions of their tasks and seeing the impact of leaving tasks incomplete for others.”

Other innovations EIC Activities is working on:

  • Laser scanning: EIC Activities is increasing the Group’s survey capability by using the latest drone and laser technology to optimise surveying workflows, inform design models and improve dimensional compliance.
  • New ground penetrating radars: EIC Activities is investigating upgrades to ground penetrating radars to increase the identification of buried utility infrastructure. With wider scanning capacity and automatic pipe detection, this technology has the potential to significantly speed up data analysis operations.
  • Lean methods mobile application: A mobile app that analyses the time and resources it takes to complete repeatable tasks on projects by applying lean methodologies and algorithms is being developed. The app will produce reports on the performance of individual tasks and overall project processes.
  • Blockchain technology: In collaboration with Nexplore, our teams are investigating secure blockchain networks, exploring the potential to streamline procurement and contract administration. These networks have the potential to aid procurement by automating and providing electronic, data driven workflows for contract set up, payments and material requests and deliveries.
  • Automated load and haul tracking: EIC Activities is testing uniquely identifiable sensors on tipper trucks to record the movements of unloading. This will automate tracking and recording material movements on site by accurately recording the exact time and location where each truck has unloaded in real time.

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